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Release Note Android x86 versi 4.0 ICS RC1

Kembali Project Android x86 kembali memporting  Android x86 di versi 4.0 ICS yang sudah RC1.

Simak Release Note Android x86 versi 4.0 ICS RC1 yang sudah saya copy berikut ini

  • Kernel 3.0.8 with KMS enabled. Most netbooks can run Android-x86 in the native resolution.
  • OpenGL hardware acceleration for AMD Radeon and Intel chipsets. You may disable it by adding HWACCEL=0 to the cmdline if you have trouble to enable hardware acceleration.
  • Support Multi-touch, Wifi, Audio, Bluetooth, G-sensor and Camera.
  • Enable v8 javascript engine, ~ 10x faster than old jsc engine. (tested by V8 Benchmark Suite)
  • Enable chrome http stack to suppoer media streaming.
  • Simulate sd card by internal storage.
  • Experimental support of Renderscript.
  • External usb drive and sdcard are auto mounted to /mnt/USB on plugging.
  • Support hybrid mode of iso images.
  • A text based GUI installer which supports ext3/ext2/ntfs/fat32 filesystems.
  • Compressed filesystem (squashfs)

Download ISO Android x86 dibawah ini :

Selamat Mencoba Android x86 ICS RC1….


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